The Whiskey Huntaz club is much more than an organized group of  CB operators in the State of  Hawai'i.  We take pride in our hobby, we continually strive to be helpful, caring, and outgoing individuals.   Currently we are working towards active participation of community support functions, fund raising, public appearances and special events.  Stay tuned for more information.

Once known as the "Whiskey Hotels" back in the 1980's, the "Huntaz" came about in 2006 when a portion of the original members got together and started this club for a new era; but still maintaining  the soul of the old days.

In the land of  DX (long distance) we are nationally known for "being heard", or having made long-distance radio contacts from the Islands to many parts of the world.  Our keen and witty knowledge of radio communication makes us some of the most contacted operators in the State. 

Unfortunately, CB operators have been stereotyped as being renegades or illegal operators...  Although this may be true in some cases, we aim to represent ourselves in a more conservative manner.  We've been praised as good stewards to the radio community.  We do this by taking the "high road" when it comes to confrontations on the airwaves; it's what sets the Whiskey's apart from the rest.   Highly regarded as steering clear from threats and altercations - we put our best foot forward.  

Our membership is constantly growing, click here to see our roster. 

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