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Or catch us on the airwaves!!  Hailing channel for the Aloha state is Ch. 11 or 27.085Mhz A.M. (amplitude modulation).   If you hear someone on the channel identifying themselves as "Whiskey Huntah (number)", give them a shout out!!  You can also find us on our home channel, Ch.08 or 27.055Mhz A.M.

About the live stream:

In the top left hand corner of the page, we offer our web visitors a live web stream to monitor broadcasts happening here in Honolulu. Most of the time we are tuned to Citizen's Band channel 11 for local radio traffic, but may be tuned to other channels as needed.  Remember, this is a live stream so we are not responsible for the content of the general public.  

If you are unable to view the video stream, you may need to update or download the Adobe Flash plug-in here

Live web stream courtesy mangotree080.  Any questions about the stream? contact


Special Mahalo's:  

We would like to thank the club members for their time and effort in making this site happen.  Without Reggie's vision, as well as taking the initiative to connect individuals with the motivation / ideas of how the site should look, this project would have never left the ground.  We also want to thank the members for taking the time to come out to our functions, without you there would be no "club".  Mahalo's to Ron for securing the domain name and web hosting, to Kai for his artistic talents and coding skills, and finally to Colette for the pictures.

Malama Pono,

The Whiskey Huntaz Administration!

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